The Right Shorts for Every Body Type

'Cause everyone loves short shorts

The Right Shorts for Every Body Type


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From classic denim cutoffs to sweet floral prints, shorts season is all the rage right now. However, finding the absolute perfect pair of shorts for your body type — like the ones that totally flatter you and play up your assets — can be tricky to find. With so many different types and trends out there for shorts, it’s easy to get so overwhelmed that you grab the first pair of cute shorts — only to realize they do NOT look as cute off the rack. Ugh.

Luckily, we came up with a list of the right shorts for every body type — from curvy to tall. You’re welcome!


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1. If You Have No Curves

The trick, then, is to create more curves, including a defined waist line, with your clothing. For your perfect pair of shorts, try loose with pleats and a cinched waist. And don’t be afraid to go short short either — you definitely have the gams for it! Pleated Woven Shorts, Forever 21, $16.


2. If You Have an Hourglass Shape

If you’ve got an hourglass shape, then you’ll want to play it up as much as possible. You’ll want to highlight your waist with a pair of high waisted shorts that really hones in on your middle. Also go for a flare shape with a fun print! Kimchi Blue Tropical High-Rise Short, Urban Outfitters, $44.


3. If You’re Short

If you have shorter legs and a long torso, you can make the most of your shorts by rocking super shorts. The itty bitty length will give the illusion of supermodel stems. Don’t forget to pair with platform sandals! ASOS Denim Shorts With Acid Wash, ASOS, $45.


4. If You Have Curves

If you’ve got curves, then you’ll want to grab a pair of shorts that are more streamlined. Pair with a structured sleeveless blouse, and you’re ready to rock it. And don’t be afraid of flirty prints and colors either!  Crepe Shorts, Forever 21, $18.


5. If You’re Tall

Feel free to rock crazy printed shorts as well as short shorts — because you definitely have the stems for it. However, if you’re not looking to draw too much extra attention to your legs, then you might want to opt for a Bermuda pair of shorts. They’re super chic and they look amazing with a pair of flat sandals or ballet slippers. AEO Skinny Bermuda Short, American Eagle Outfitters, $45.


+ Plus Shorts That Are For Everyone

Yes, there’s a type of shorts that flatters each body type: a mid-length cuffless cut that hits right at the middle of the thigh. Pick your fave print and color, and show off those legs! Willow & Clay Floral Print Sailor Shorts, Nordstrom, $72.