Sparkle Is The New Black

The perfect trend for fall

Sparkle Is The New Black

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Finding the right shoes for fall is essential. Your back to school look should blaze a new trail for you, and this year, it’s all about embracing the sparkle trend head on. Check out some of the styles below — these sparkly shoes are surprisingly versatile and can pretty much work with any look. New year, new sparkly you.

The Birkenstock Papillio

Oooh girl, you’re casual, chic, fun and flirty at the same damn time. This is the ultimate shoe to add to your collection if you’re looking for a way to super subtly introduce sparkle to your closet. Birken-walk this way to check ’em out.

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Sparkle Is The New Black: Birkenstock Paillio

Source: Birkenstock


Emma Platform Oxford

Where would we be without oxfords? These are the perfect shoe both for school and the dream internship you just landed. They get the job done — just like you. Go get ’em! (you can actually go get them right here!)

Sparkle Is The New Black; Emma Platform Oxford

Source: Nordstrom


Melissa Beach Slide Sandal

Versatility is the name of the game with these shoes. Why? These gems will complete any look you’re going for. Headed to brunch? The beach? Just hanging with friends? They work for pretty much everything except gym class. Slide right over here to shop the look.

Sparkle Is The New Black; Melissa Beach Slide Sandal

Source: Nordstrom


Iridescent Glove Boot 

If T Swift decided to come out with a shoe line to compliment the minor explosion that was LWYMMD (which for all we know could happen) these shoes would 100% be included. Work ’em as if you were part of the squad back in the Bad Blood days. Shop these on Urban Outfitters.


Glitter Sneaker

If you’re looking for the perfect back to school shoe, look no further! This sparkly classic is cute and flirty. It’s not too in your face, but it dresses up your every day Keds in the most perfect of ways. J’adore ❤️. Check these out right here!

Sparkle Is The New Black; Glitter Sneaker

Source: Nordstrom


Jelly Slide Sandal 

These are the perfect day to night shoe, hands down. Check out these and tons of other colors right here!

Sparkle Is The New Black; Jelly Slide Sandal

Source: Nordstrom


Aries Glitter Ankle Boot

You are sure to turn heads in these stunning boots. Set the tone for your first day back by rocking these glitter ankle boots and you know you’ll be in for a great year. You can get them here!