Spring Fashion That Doesn’t Require Florals

Try These Unique and Bold 2017 Spring Trends

We love our florals as much as the next girl. But when it comes to spring fashion, we’re looking to mix it up a bit. This 2017, these spring fashion trends are bold, beautiful and feminine and don’t include a single flower anywhere! Try to get a few of these upcoming styles in your closet to prepare for one of the hottest seasons in fashion.

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1. Pastels

What kind of spring season would this be without shades of pastel? Pastel hues brings out a bit more femininity to this occasionally cold and rainy, but colorful season. Whether this is through a beautiful, minimal dress or a flowy blouse, pastels are spring’s must-have colors.

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2. Stripes

You will never find that stripes are out of style. It’s the type of stripe, however, that you need to concern yourself with. This year’s trending stripes are nautical and banker. Whether you’re sailing through the coast or walking down the streets of New York, you can’t go wrong with stripes this year.

3. Khaki

Tan and taupe is one of our favorite shades of brown, but they often fall wayside to dark browns during the winter season. This spring and upcoming summer is all about khaki materials and lighter shades of tan. The material is a new way to wear neutrals all while keeping it light and sharp.

4. Bright Pink and All Things Yellow

There’s something about yellow and pink in the spring that makes my heart skip a beat. Normally, light pinks or yellows are what we see this time of year. However this 2017, every yellow you can think of is in fashion. And with pink, the brighter and louder, the better.

5. Sleeve Slits

You might remember last year was all about the bell and flare sleeves. This season’s take on sleeves is a classy, peek-a-boo slit. It not only creates a little more breathable wear for the warmer weather, but is a new and chic take on the ever popular bell sleeve.

6. Off the Shoulder

With warmer weather comes more skin! Show off those beautiful shoulders with one of our favorites cuts all year round. To keep in line with  2017 fashion, try an off the shoulder top with more ruffles or layers.

7. White

Let’s be real, is white ever out of fashion? It’s chic, it’s slimming and it goes with just about everything! But this season, it’s all about incorporating it into a white shirt dress or a Scandinavian-style tee. The more simpler, the better.

8. Neon

Pastels are obviously a classic, spring look, which means fashion designers are always trying to break the norm and try something different. Naturally, that means colors in a loud and bolder way. Neon has since been popular with the underground, rave culture, but now we’re seeing it during a traditionally dainty time of year.

9. Ruffles

Winter brings out classic, clean lines and simple waist lines. But spring means it’s time to have a little more fun! Ruffles challenge your classic body shape and do so in a way that is flirty, feminine and fun! Try ruffles around your sleeves, your collar or the base of your top/dress!

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