Style Watch: Geometric Patterns

Get Graphic

Look no further than the trend of geometric patterns to sophisticate your wardrobe for spring. They’re fun, interesting, and add an element of structure to any outfit. Check out some of our favorite patterned garments, or search on your own to find your signature patterned piece.

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Forever 21 Tribal Pattern Cardigan ($25.99)

This gorgeous cardigan will keep you warm as we transition from winter to spring.

Source: Forever21

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Bodycon Sleeveless Turquoise and Red Dress from Etsy ($65)

Support small businesses and find super unique pieces like this graphic tank dress when you shop from Etsy.

Style watch: geometric patterns; etsy

Source: Etsy

Charlotte Russe Printed Bodycon Miniskirt ($10.99)

Pair a patterned miniskirt with a solid-color top for a surefire fashion hit.

Billiebush Geometric Pattern Print Dress ($47) 

An elegant look for a fancy evening. Geometric patterns can be casual or high-fashion.