Taylor Swift is Selling I Heart T.S. Crop Tops and Here’s What Else We’d Want Her to Sell

Taylor Swift is Selling I Heart T.S. Crop Tops and Here's What Else We'd Want Her to Sell

(source: Billboard)

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Remember when Taylor Swift‘s ex, actor Tom Hiddleston, wore that infamous “I heart T.S.” tank top and everyone thought that was probably the last we’d see of it?

Well, once again Taylor got the last laugh when she featured the crop tops in her jaw-dropping video for her latest single, “Look What You Made Me Do” earlier this month. And now you can own one yourself.

The pop star announced that she’s selling those infamous “I Love T.S.” crop tops — as well as a t-shirt version — for $50 on her website as part of her new merchandise for her upcoming “Reputation” tour. It’s both a savvy business move (one we’ve come to expect from the songstress) as well as a fun fashion choice. It also got us thinking about what other cheeky chic things we’d love to buy from Taylor’s past. Here’s what we came up with!

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1. Taylor’s Glasses from the “You Belong With Me” video

They’re so geek chic. With or without prescription lenses, we’d totally wear these.


2. Taylor’s Unicorn Onesie

Because Halloween is coming up soon, and we think this would be a really cozy, cute choice.


3. Taylor’s Cowboy Boots

Because sometimes (okay, more than sometimes!) we miss the “country” Taylor. Plus, these would look amazing with a pair of ripped jeans for fall.


4. Taylor’s Swan Floatie

Because it reminds us of her awesome Fourth of July parties.


5. Taylor’s Cool Circus Hat

We all want to be ringleaders, and this hat definitely makes a pretty big statement.


6. Taylor’s “Blank Space” Nightgown

We honestly love all of her outfits in this video, but we especially love this romantic ensemble that’s both flirty and feminine.


7. Taylor’s Union Jack Outfit

Hey, we’re huge fans of the Royal Family too. Plus, British guys are hot and, just like Taylor, we totally support that.


8. Taylor’s Chai Sugar Cookies With Eggnog Icing

We know the recipe she originally made with Lorde is already online, but we’re kinda lazy and, besides, Taylor selling her own cookies is a bake sale we could definitely get behind (especially if she made a gluten-free option).