Taylor Swift: Look for Less

T swift has the best style

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Raise your hand if you’re obsessed with Taylor Swift. Now look around the room. Everyone’s hand should be in the air. We all love Taylor Swift.

So then you’ll all also love that I found one of her looks this week FOR SO CHEAP, YA’LL.

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To be honest, this is such a simple look, but I struggled with it so much that I almost gave up. I could not find these black overalls ANYWHERE. I mean, I really looked around, guys. And then the Tswift/Overall Gods decided to step in and help out. I went to the mall for some retail therapy and as I’m walking by the H&M, there were black overalls on display yelling my name. They match hers like 10000% and they were only $35. And I’ve worn them so many times since.

It was nice that once I found the overalls, the shirt and the shoes just kind of appeared as well. I got the shirt from Forever 21 for only $16. And the black boots were also from Forever 21 for only $35!!

Ya’llllllllll. This entire outfit only cost me $86. And I almost gave up on it!! Can you imagine the horror?! I’d never have these adorable black overalls in my life. Thank god for Tswift, amiright?!