The Best Bomber Jackets

Don't look like everyone else

Bomber jackets are everywhere this season! And for good reason – they are SO cute.

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But with everyone rocking this trend (which is awesome, btw) you may feel like it’s hard to find a cool bomber jacket that feels all your own.

Here are some bomber jackets that will for sure get you noticed. Best part, all these brands are female run! Meaning all these bomb fashions are made by local ladies in L.A. But don’t worry – they ship all over.

Let’s start off with these totally killer bombers from L.A local designer Tuesday Bassen.

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Mixed Emotion Bomber Jacket  

Look fierce in this stunning bomber jacket.



It even comes in this adorable blue.


And you can make this jacket 100% your own with their custom embroidery option.


Here’s a pic in mineeeee!


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And I got mine custom done too! Stormy is my Japanese nickname. Holla.

I can't even explain how much I love my @tuesdaybassen custom jacket ⛈⛈⛈⛈❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Next up is another fave L.A local female designer! Valfre.

Obsessed with ALL her bombers like this one.


And this bomber that comes in both RED and BLACK.



Or if your feeling a little anti-social (like TBH don’t we always?), try this bomber.




Feeling catty? Opt for this leopard print!


Get in touch with the moon and stars with this midnight black bomber.


Tell the world how you really feel with this denim bomber.


Have fun having the coolest jacket on the block.

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