The Best New Year’s Eve Party Dress for Your Zodiac Sign

The stars got style


The start of the New Year is the perfect time to tap into your most authentic and magical self. When the clock strikes 12, you want to not only feel your best, but look your best, too. And what better way to do that then to show off your own unique style according to your zodiac sign?

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Below, we — meaning the stars and I — found the most gorgeous gowns for New Year’s Eve that will help you ring in 2018 like your true astrological self!



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You have an aggressive and bold personality that makes you hungry to try the latest trends. Which means that this show-stopping halter jumpsuit in your power color (red) is the perfect match for you.

ASOS Lace Top Jumpsuit with Halter Neck, $67,



You’re a true sensualist who prefers soft textures and traditional silhouettes. A lace dress like this one will not only feel nice to the touch, but you’ll also look romantic AF.

Soieblu Crochet & Lace Dress, $68,



Since Gemini is an air sign that’s up for anything, you should try a unique dress that feels like you’re walking on a cloud. Something with a ton of movement, a flirty cut-out, and tons of sophistication.

Kris Taupe Shift Dress, $34, 



Cancers like tradition and luxury, so you’ll def like a classic dress that looks expensive AF — but doesn’t necessarily cost $$$. Enter this sweetheart neckline in next year’s hottest tone.

UO Heart Of The Ocean Sweetheart Velvet Mini Dress, $64, 



You like to take center stage, so your perfect dress needs to be one that makes an entrance. Think tons of sparkle and sequins, because everyone knows you literally light up the dance floor.

Becca Multi-Colored Sequin Bodycon Dress, $72.50,



You’re a practical and organized soul, so you want no fuss, no muss when it comes to your clothing. You also have a keen eye for detail, so a dress with clean lines and embroidery is really after your own heart.

Alluring Intrigue Embroidered Sheath Dress, $119,



You are super romantic and ultra feminine, which means anything pretty (and pink) with floral and delicate details is your jam.

Lace On by Pink Lace Dress, $64,



You’re a passionate and sultry sign, so your dress will need to be as seductive as you are. Think slinky and chic, with a hint of mystery. Just like the badass you are.

Faux Leather Combo Dress, $10,



You like to keep people guessing. On one hand, you’re energetic and adventurous, but you can also be deep and moody. Grab a dress that honors both sides of your intense personality.

Draped Velvet Dress, $69.90,



You’re the most sophisticated of your squad. You like clean and contemporary lines, along with a look that’s totally timeless. Anything that makes you feel elegant and powerful AF.

ASOS White Square Panel Soft Midi Dress, $151,



You like unique and you like anything that looks vintage-y. Anything with out-of-this-world details is what your eccentric soul craves. And if it’s in your power color, turquoise? Even better.

Wild Child Turquoise Maxi Dress, $108,



You’re a big dreamer with a romantic and creative side. For you, anything that’s dreamy, flowy, and super comfy has your name written all over it.

ETA Metallic Tiered Ruffle Jumpsuit, $69.90,

Brianne Hogan
Brianne Hogan

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