These Will Be the Top Colors for Fall 2017

your go-to hues this season

The best way to deal with summer’s inevitable (but tragic all the same) end is by getting psyched for fall — and fall clothes, makeup, and accessories. To make sure you’re perfectly on-trend for the upcoming season, these are the top five colors to be on the lookout for. Assemble your wardrobe with a palette blush pink, gold, heather grey, army green, and mustard yellow, and you’ll be slaying fall 2017.

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Blush Pink

Also known as “millennial pink,” blush pink is a soft pink with just a hint of dustiness to it, making it the perfect choice for your fall wardrobe. If you don’t want to go all out with blush pink (like in a sweater or a jacket), try adding it into your life in small doses like blush or nail polish. Even sneakers!

top colors for fall 2017 blush pink

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Try: OPI Nail Lacquer in “My Very First Knockwurst”

top colors fall 2017 opi nail polish

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If there’s any metallic you should be reaching for this time of year, it’s gold. The warm metal plays great with all of fall’s other colors (burgundy, eggplant — yes please), and it also looks ultra chic with black and white. Try a gold jacket or boots for a powerful statement, or just layer on tons of gold jewelry. Gold eyeshadow makes for a gorgeous autumn night out look.

top falls 2017 colors gold

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Try: Women’s Gold Faux Leather Wristwatch

top colors fall 2017 gold watch target

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Heather Grey

You know that grey sweater you have that, when you closely at the stitches, you can see loads of different colors mixed in? That’s heather grey, and it’s the perfect grey for that cozy autumn vibe you’re going for. Unlike other bold fall colors, grey is subtle and easy to wear for everyone, so there’s no reason to shy away from it. You can experiment beyond a classic heather grey sweater by trying heather grey shoes, nails, or (if it’s warm enough!) a graphic t-shirt.

Try: Slouchy Cold Shoulder Sweater

Army Green

No color beckons in the end of summer and beginning of fall quite like army green. Put on your military-inspired jacket, and boom, it’s officially October. Army green also looks amazing on bomber jackets, sneakers, and cold weather accessories, and it pairs great with chestnut brown, grey, and black.

top falls 2017 colors army green

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Try: Short Satin Bomber Jacket

top colors fall 2017 army green bomber jacket

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Don’t shy away from yellow! Even though it sounds a little unappealing, mustard yellow is warm enough to be flattering and perfectly autumnal. If a classic mustard yellow windbreaker is too much yellow for you, try accessorizing with a knit hat or sneakers. The color also makes for supremely cozy-looking sweaters and cardigans.

top falls 2017 colors mustard yellow

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top colors fall 2017 mustard yellow new balance sneakers

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