These Disney Princess-Inspired Chokers Are So Magical

We want all of them

The choker has become a fashion must-have. It’s the perfect accessory to add onto any OOTD and all of our favorite celebs have been rocking the trendy piece.

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Well, get ready to see a collection of some of the most beautiful chokers that just so happen to be inspired by our fav Disney princesses. Courtney Reed, the fashion genius behind this choker line, created a collection of 15 chokers inspired by Disney princesses including Cinderella, Ariel, Snow White, Moana, Tiana, Elsa, Mulan, and more. Each of the chokers are so elegant, unique, and totally give off some fabulous princess vibes.

The GLASS SLIPPER may be fit for @taylizlou, but you can certainly rock this choker too! ✨ @jacobsmithstudios

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Fun fact: Courtney Reed actually plays the role of Jasmine in the Broadway version of Aladdin. Reed also already has a lot of experience making chokers as she made another collection prior to her Disney princesses collection which is actually inspired off of Broadway musicals.

All hail the princess. @rhodesreed in JAS is all our princess dreams come true! 🐅 @jacobsmithstudios

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Courtney Reed revealed the inspiration behind her Disney princesses choker line, “The Princess Collection”, explaining to People, “I’m obsessed with princesses. I mean, who’s not? With the success of the Broadway Collection, we thought, ‘Oh my gosh! What if we did a Princess Collection with our favorite Broadway divas modeling them?’ It has been such a blast.”

Rock this choker like @arianadebose and you're sure to feel like you're making beignets in NOLA! 🐸 @jacobsmithstudios

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We can’t wait to wear all of the chokers from Courtney Reed’s “The Princess Collection”. It’s time to finally release our inner Disney princess.

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