This 70s-Inspired Trend Is Making a Comeback

When it comes to fashion, sleeve it to us

The 70s are back and better than ever! Bell-bottom pants have migrated to our shirts in the form of bell sleeves. They are perfect for the winter because they will keep you warm, but add a flirty, flowing quality to your outfit. They’re comfy and easy to throw on on your way out the door when paired with your favorite pair of jeans! Here are some of our favorite styles available now:

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1. Bell-Sleeved Crop Top ($14.90)

The cutout in this top adds a little mystery to this gorgeous top. Pair it with your favorite high-waisted jeans!

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2. Ringo Bell Sleeve Top ($23)
The gorgeous back is feminine and breezy. You can wear this one anywhere!


3. Dusty Blue Crepe Cold Shoulder Bell Sleeve Blouse ($29.95)
This top will look cool but keep you warm all day long.


4. Sophie Bell Sleeve Top
This comfy top will make it look like you definitely DIDN’T throw it on after waking up at 7:55 for your 8:00am class.


5. Endless Rose Boho Blouse ($51)
The gorgeous crochet details make this top stand out. Get this one at ShopBop!


6. AEO Lace Bell Sleeve Shirt ($33.71)
Hello, Queen of Coachella! This delicate top is just begging to be worn to an open-air concert.

We love how Bell sleeves are fun, yet don’t reveal too much skin. This makes them totally versatile, and a much better value than a shirt you can only wear to certain occasions. Bell sleeves sell out very quickly online, so be sure to stock up today!

Featured Image Sources: Target, LoneStar Southern, Page 6 Boutique

Sydney Pugh
Sydney Pugh

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