This Girl Made Her Own Prom Dress

...And dresses for six of her friends

Meet Maggie McGleen. She’s a high school junior in Wisconsin and an amazing amateur fashion designer. When it came time to pick out a dress for prom, Maggie didn’t do the normal shopping-all-over-town thing; she decided to make her own.

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That’s incredible enough, but Maggie didn’t stop there. She also made dresses for six of her friends. Yeah, that’s right: This girl sewed SEVEN prom dresses. And they all looked fabulous. NBD.

These are the 7 dresses I made! A big thanks to some of the most gorgeous women I know for wearing them ❤️

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Maggie talked to Yahoo Style about her prolific prom creations, explaining that she started sewing in sixth grade and has been going/sewing ever since.

Maggie didn’t make her friends pay for the dresses, but she did retain creative control over the styles. Because she’s a designer and DUH.

Love these beauties

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“I kept my friends in mind as I made them, but I had free reign over the designs,” she told Yahoo Style. “Each one of the dresses is a mixture of the girl’s style and my own, but usually they didn’t see the dresses until the dresses were pretty much done.”

But don’t worry: Her friends loved the designs, so there were no complaints or clashes.

Tempest project or prom dresses?🌞🌚 (@maggiemcglenn )

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If only we all had a friend like Maggie when it was time to shop for prom.

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