This is What You Should Wear To Your Next Christmas Party

Dreamy Holiday Outfits You'll Look Beautiful In

We love the holiday season! The fashion is unmatched by any other season. All of the coats, sweaters and fancy boots bring out a much more sophisticated side that we could honestly use a little more of. So this season, get super fancy at your next holiday party with these awesome outfits. Unless it’s an ugly sweater party. Then it’s time to get weird.

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1. Show-Stopping Red Dress

What’s more wintery than a classic red dress? Timeless, elegant and sophisticated in every way. You can’t go wrong with a beautiful stunner like this!

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2. Sequined Blazer

A sequined blazer says, “yeah, I’m a professional. A professional DIVA!” Sequins just make everything better. So while you may wear it on your blazer like this, it’s honestly acceptable anywhere on your body.

3. All Black Everything

Who says the holidays have to be merry and bright (besides the songs)? Wearing all black can look just as festive! Deck it up with a little lace, black tights and a red lip to spread all that cheer.

4. Vintage Holiday Skirt

Sure it’s a tad old school, but if there were ever a reason to bring this out of your closet, it’s now! A vintage holiday skirt or dress brings to mind an older, more quaint time. And you’ll leave everyone’s jaw on the floor.

5. Pink and Gold

Are you sick of the over-the-top colors? Yeah, it can be a tad overwhelming around the holidays. So stand out in something a little more subtle. Pink and gold are fun and unique, but don’t totally kill the holiday vibes.

6. Velvet and Tulle

We think tulle is incredibly underrated. Just like Carrie Bradshaw, you too could wear this without feeling like a wedding princess (unless that’s what you’re going for). And you can’t go wrong with velvet. It’s a 90’s throwback classic and it gives us all the holiday vibes.

7. Fancy Blouse and Pants

Perhaps your party is a little conservative. Or maybe you just wanna keep it casual. This is definitely the outfit that screams “CHRISTMAS!” without being too over the top. Add a little holiday spirit with colorful shoes or hair clips.

8. Black and Gold

Black is incredibly slimming and incredibly mature. But to add a little Christmas flare, add some classy gold in there. Whether that’s your skirt, shirt or shoes, you can’t go wrong!

9. Flapper Skirt

This incredibly dramatic look is super gorgeous without a ton of effort. Pair with a comfy sweater or a slinky top to get the full flapper outfit.

10. Emerald Dress

Green is gorgeous, but emerald is the epitome of elegance during the holiday season. Perfect for any skin, hair or eye color, this dress is dramatic and beautiful. Any fabric or length will do just fine!

11. Backless

The holiday season calls for daring, drama and a little something different. Show a little skin, aside from your crop tops, and show that gorgeous body in a backless dress.

12. Angelic White

This time of year is the perfect time to rock this heavenly beauty. With dainty lace, tulle and designs, you’ll look like an angel walking into that party!

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