Tips On What to Wear to a Wedding

Be a guest that's dressed to impress

Wedding season is officially here, and along with that comes the age-old question – what will I wear?! Weddings have some of the most strict fashion rules, so follow these guidelines to ensure you’re always hitting the mark.

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Rule #1: No white
This one is a big “duhh”. The bride wears white, and she should be the one to stand out. White, cream, beige, eggshell – if you’re questioning if a dress is too white, it probably is.

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Rule #2: Err on the conservative side
You’ll probably be in a church and/or around the bride’s relatives. Now is not the time to debut your most provocative club wear. The trick here is to wear something you might wear to Sunday dinner at your grandma’s house. Bonus: you can boogie on the dance floor without worrying you’re showing too much!


Rule #3 Black IS an option!
If the rule is no white, then black must be out too, right? Nope! Though black is usually associated with funerals, a cute black cocktail dress is totally wedding-worthy.


Rule #4 Shoes should be cute and comfy
Your shoes should be cute and dressy but comfortable enough that you can cut it up on the dance floor all night. I prefer wedges over high heels because they offer more support and are super cute. Buying a pair of nude wedges at the beginning of wedding season is a great investment!



Rule #5 Don’t feel restricted to a dress
Dresses are not the only thing you can wear to a wedding. Keep it trendy by dressing up a jumpsuit (ask your mom if you can raid her closet).


Sydney Pugh
Sydney Pugh

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