Unicorn-Inspired Fashion You Need in Your Closet Now

Because everyone wants to be a unicorn

If you believe in magic and rainbows (and we know you do), then your spirit animal is most likely the most mystical creature of them all: the unicorn. Unicorns are super special, sparkly, and spectacular. Not surprisingly, the beautiful unicorn is fashion‘s newest obsession and is popping up everywhere, from the red carpet to runways and beyond.

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So for all of the unicorn lovers out there, here are some unicorn-inspired fashion pieces and accessories that will surely add some magic to your closet.


Angel Unicorn PJ Jumpsuit

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LBH: This is probably as close as you’re going to get to being an ACTUAL unicorn. Bonus: you’ll be cozy warm during cold winter nights. Forever 21, $27.90. 


Truly Madly Deeply Unicorn I’m Real Tee

There are those who doubt how real unicorns actually are. Luckily, you know they are totally legit. Besides, this t-shirt says so. Urban Outfitters, $34. 


Miss Selfridge Unicorn Logo Sweater

Chic and classy as the unicorn you’re meant to be. ASOS, $62. 


Pride Women’s Unicorns Tank

You know you and your squad are super special and unique, so let the world know with this cute tank. Target, $13.60


The Last Unicorn Pop Embroidery Beanie

Fans of the ’80s flick The Last Unicorn will love this winter topper that is sure to keep you warm and stand out. ThinkGeek, $17.99.


ASOS Unicorn Print Tee & Legging Pajama Set

You’ll be dreaming of sparkles and rainbows in no time with this dreamy PJ set. ASOS, $36. 


Plush Unicorn Slippers

These will definitely make you feel like you’re walking on cloud 9. With unicorns. Amazon, $9.


Transparent Makeup Bag

Your makeup is safe under the magical, watchful eyes of unicorns. H&M, $12.99.


Unicorn Case For iPhone 6 Plus

Because if you could text unicorns, you definitely would. Forever 21, $6.90.