Upping our sock game here at ATV

Because they're not just for gym class anymore

Socks are making a statement in a big way, and we couldn’t be happier. Designers across all categories are incorporating socks into their runway looks, street style mavens are running amok in exciting cozy combos, and as Vogue predicted, socks are here to stay. We styled up a few fun combos that will take you from almost-spring, through spring, and maybe even a few summer nights on the town. Skip a pedi and invest in some cute socks instead – trust us.

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If Riri is on the sock train, we are too. This pair is from the Fenty collab with Stance, which you can shop the rest of here. We feel like our favorite “Badgal” would also approve of pairing them with these pink Timberlands that just get us every time – tough and sweet all at once. #werk.

A little Japanese-inspired anything is always a good thing, especially when it comes to footwear.  Cherry blossoms and geisha-vibe flatforms are quirky and cute and above all, comfy and cozy for those spring days that don’t quite make it above 70. All the feels, except cold.

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No more nasty blisters from murdering the dance floor all night with your girls, because now you can wear socks with those stilettos and still look fly. Game-changer.

Upping Our Sock Game - Schutz Shoes and Hue Socks

Socks: Hue. Shoes: Schutz (sold out).

Mules are everything right now, and a sneaker mule is our favorite way of giving this fashion-girl staple a little street cred. More than a house slipper, less than a sneaker, and 100% skater chic.

Photographer: Vitaly Kibenko (@ownthelight)
Styling: Hema Persad (@hemapersad_)


Fashion Editor, celebrity stylist, streetwear enthusiast. Dark chocolate and a good pair of shoes get me every time. www.hemapersad.com.

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