9 Non-Boring Ways to Wear a School Uniform

Make your uniform unique

We admit it — school uniforms have a lot of pros. Not having to choose a new outfit each week saves money, time, and brain energy. But if we’re being totally honest, wearing the exact same thing as everyone else 24/7 can also be really boring too.

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If you’re yawning more over what you’re donning to school each morning than how many ZZZs you’ve caught, then follow our tips on how to put a fresh twist on your school uniform.


1. Cool Kicks

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Kick it up a notch with a pair of really cute shoes that are sure to make you stand out from the crowd. From metallic ballet flats to rad sneakers to colorful oxfords, there are many stylish options to choose from that will suit your personality to a tee. ALDO, $65.


2. Sweet Socks

Whether you have a pair of unique shoes or not, you can still bring a ton of flair to your uniform with a pair of funky socks. Knee socks make a chic statement, while fun ankle socks are perf for warmer temperatures. Forever 21, $7.


3. Stylish Shirt

If your uniform is pretty simple with a neutral palette (and it probably is!), try wearing a bright or printed shirt underneath your polo or sweater. It’ll add some easy style — and an extra layer. H&M, $22.


4. Beautiful Bracelets

Adding some serious wrist candy is an easy way to amp up your school uniform. Stack ’em up, mix and match, or wear your fave baubles one-by-one — express YOUR style. Claire’s, $12.


5. Haute Hair

Another super simple and stylish way to show off your personality is by wearing some cool hair accessories. From floral headbands to studded hair elastics to blinged out clips, you can have an effortless new ‘do everyday. Kohl’s, $12.


6. Tubular Tights

If your school’s rules are a bit more relaxed, you might be able to wear some colorful and fashionable tights in a variety of different textures that are sure to make your uniform pop. Amazon, $20. 


7. Pretty Pins

Brooches aren’t just for your grandmother anymore. Pins are an awesome way to spice up an outfit, and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors that will suit any personal sense of style. Go OG with an antique brooch or modern with an emoji pin — or both! Pintrill, $12. 


8. Stylish Satchel

Backpacks are cool — and necessary for heavy homework days — but on days when your load is a little lighter, a stylish satchel or fashionable tote will definitely elevate your uniform. Plus, it’s a perf chose to combine both your purse and school bag needs. To really stand out, make sure you choose one in a bold print or a bright color. Target, $16.


9. Cool Coat

Every fashion icon worth her Instagram knows that an eye-catching topper is THE best way to add chic drama and flair to any outfit — including your boring school uniform. From edgy camo to pretty florals, there are tons of options to suit your style. Forever 21, $28.