How to Wear Sweatpants on a Date Just Like Selena Gomez

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How to Wear Sweatpants on a Date Just Like Selena Gomez

(source: Seventeen)

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Preparing for dates are nerve-wrecking enough (will your date like you? Will you like them? What if theres’s awkward silence?!), but when you factor in planning the perf outfit? Your anxiety immediately becomes next level. Which is why it was soooo refreshing to see Selena Gomez rocking a pair of joggers on her date at Disneyland with her sweetie, the Weeknd, earlier this month.

With her barely-there makeup and casually cool braids, Selena was basically the epitome of “just woke up like this” style and we LOVE it. To paraphrase one of our fave songs from the pop singer, who says we can’t wear comfy clothes on dates anyway? Who says?!

If you’re inspired by Selena’s cool-yet-cozy style, read on for tips on how to pull off an ‘gram-worthy look that can be easily dressed up or down.

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1. Keep it Casual

To copy Selena’s simply chic look, it’s important to remember less is more. When it comes to choosing the perfect pair of sweats, go for a comfortable yet flattering look, like these Kappa Screwball Velour Track Pants from Urban Outfitters ($69). An easy, form-fitting tank (we like the Soft & Sexy Hi-Neck ones from American Eagle Outfitters), plus a high ponytail, and you’re ready for a day out at the amusement park with your sweetie.


2. Dress it Up

If you want to dress up your joggers, you’ll first want to choose ones that taper at the bottom, which gives a slimmer silhouette (we like the lounge fleece leggings from Abercrombie & Fitch for $30). Next, add your fave pair of heels to the outfit. The slimmer the heel, the more elongated your legs will look. Try these red velvet pumps from RW & Co. for a pop of color. Top with a V-neck bodysuit, and you’ve got yourself one flirty — and comfy — outfit for a night out with your luv.


3. Go Edgy

Take a page from Kendall Jenner’s book, and add a bit of rock ‘n roll to your casual outfit. A pair of textured joggers, like these Biker Joggers from H&M ($35), have just the right amount of edge. Pair them with a vintage-like cropped top (we love this Repurposed Cropped Hoodie from Forever 21) and a pair of your fave high-top sneakers, and it’s the perf outfit to wear to a concert with bae.


4. When You Feel Sporty

Sweatpants began their fashion journey as sportswear, which is why they make the ideal outfit for attending a basketball or football game with bae. Opt for this slick pair from Nike ($45) and pair with a cozy hoodie and messy top knot, and you’ll definitely score with this look.

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