8 Styling Tips for Wearing Black All Summer Long

Because black never goes out of style

Okay, LBH: the thought of wearing black in the heat of summer is probably making your pits sweat now, right? But the truth is wearing all-black is literally way cooler than wearing white clothing (because black absorbs the heat more than lighter tones). And, though we love our bright colors, we know nothing is chicer than wearing black. It’s a neutral shade that never goes out of style and always goes with everything.

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The trick to wearing black in the summer is all about texture and styling. Meaning you want to skip the leather and wool, and instead embrace the chiffon and silk. Below, we have eight summery styling tips to help you wear black and still look HOT during the warmest time of year.


1. Black Slip Dress and Sandals

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Nothing is more romantic — and effortlessly chic — than a black slip dress. Styled with a floppy black sunhat and a pair of black sandals, and you’ve got yourself an easy elegant look that perfectly shows off your tan.


2. Black Jumpsuit

Nothing says easy, breezy and beautiful more than a black jumpsuit. Because of the warmer temps, choose one that is more flowy and drapey. Pair with sneakers for a casual look or glam it up with stilettos.


3. Black Lace Bralette

Don’t be afraid to wear a little lace in the summer. A black lace bralette is both cool and chic, and goes gorgeously with a pair of distressed cutoffs, flip flops and a touch of bling.


4. Black Culottes

What happens when you pair black culottes, a striped shirt and a top knot with a bold lip? You’ve got yourself a look worthy of a fashionable French girl. Ooh la la!


5. Black Skirt

You can still stay cool while going short with a black circle or mini skirt. Plus showing off some skin makes sure your outfit looks less wintery and more seasonal appropriate. Pair with an easy tank or crop top and chunky sandals for the ultimate summer style.


6. Black Shorts

Another easy and fashionable way to show off your gams — and tan — is wearing a pair of black shorts. Whether they’re high-waisted or denim cut-offs, the look is always effortlessly cool. Want an edgy OOTD? Add a vintage tee and tons of accessories.


7. Black Ankle Boots

We don’t have to tell you that black ankle boots are the perf shoe for any season. For a stunning summertime look, pair them with a short peasant dress or a flowing maxi dress. They also look amazing with a pair of cutoffs. Okay, they just look amazing, period.


8. Black Tunic

A long, drapey tunic is basically your fave top of the season. Whether it’s high-neck or strappy, it brings an easy, effortless feel to any outfit — plus it will also keep you cool. Wear yours with a pair of dark denim and black strappy heels for the ultimate summer, all-black OOTD.