What All the Chic Girls Will Be Wearing This Spring

Start prepping your closets

Now that spring is around the corner, we’re all dying to clean out our closets and fill them with the latest new trends. But what should we actually be wearing this spring if we want to look super chic and effortlessly cool like our fave fashion bloggers and ‘grammers?

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Below we show you some of the hottest looks that you’ll want to sport this spring. Take notes and get shopping!


1. Slogan Tees

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Literally wear your heart on your sleeve — or your personal mantra — with slogan tees. From dreamy literary quotes to plain adorkable, you’ll be all the rage wearing one of these.


2. Brightly Colored Stripes

Even though stripes will never go out of style, they just got a rad update. Think every color, size, length and look imaginable. The brighter and bigger, the better!


3. Hoodies

YASSS! Who says cozy can’t be chic? Hoodies are here to stay in 2017, but this year the look is less street and def more sporty — which is kinda perf for outdoor activities, no?


4. Bra Out

Bras are having a moment right now, which means they’re not hiding behind your fave top anymore. Nope, this spring it’s all about wearing your bra out — tastefully, though. Think Taylor Swift and pair it with a high waisted skirt or jeans.


5. Robes

Bathrobes aren’t just for pajamas anymore or lounging around watching Netflix. These robes are both casual and glam, creating a unique twist on the duster or trench coat.


6. One Shoulder Top

This look gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “giving someone the cold shoulder.” In fact, this look is anything BUT cold. It’s flirty, fun, and super hot!


7. Super Huge Bags

Your new go-to purse just became XXXL. Say good bye to petite clutches and hellooooo to huge bags that hold everything and anything.