What To Wear On Valentine’s Day Based on Your Starbucks Order

We love you a latte

Calling all the lonely Starbucks lovers!

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Stressed over what to wear for your Valentine’s day date? Don’t worry, we got you. Tell us your fave picks in line at Starbucks and find your perfect outfit.


1). Your starving before your 8am class! What Starbucks breakfast item do you choose to nourish your hangry self?

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A. One of those heated up breakfast sandwiches. A girl’s got to get her protein fix.

B. Their instant oatmeal is the bomb.com!

C. A muffin or scone. Something quick and easy to gobble down.

D. Maybe like 2 cake pops…ok maybe 3.


2). For a hot drink your go-to is…?

A.  Carmel cappuccino, with soy milk extra foam pleeeease!

B. Tea for me!

C. A Flat White or anything with espresso. I’m like falling asleep as I take this quiz.

D. Whatever the seasonal drink is, I’m getting it.


3). Now for cold drinks! What do you choose to cool you off?

A). The Pink drink, duh! Perf for Instagram.

B). Shaken Hibiscus ice tea! No Sweetener.

C). Iced coffee! STAT!

D). FRAPPE. FRAPPE. FRAPPE.FRAPPE  with whipped cream!


4. You’re craving something sweet, what’s your go to?

A.  I’ll probs get a cookie and save half for later!

B. Chocolate croissant warmed up! Mhmmm melty.

C. I’m just going to pop some Starbucks gum and I’m good.

D. For sure some lemon pound cake, maybe a smores bar or a marshmallow dream bar.. or maybe..an apple fritter, ugh so hard to choose!


If you picked mostly A’s 

Your style is classic and chic, so have fun with your V-day outfit! This furry collar is perfect and says that you don’t take things too seriously! Go a bit on the wild side and mix some prints with a casual broken in tee and top the rest of the look off with some bright lips and highlighter to slay the rest of your look!


If you picked mostly B’s 

Just like your drink order, you’re not about drama and being cute-casual is your middle name! This Valentines day opt for something a little out of your comfort zone but still cute and comfy! Add to your basic uniform of a tee and jeans with an adorable furry pink jacket and a bright swipe of poppy pink lipstick!


If you picked mostly C’s 

There is nothing getting in the way of your busy schedule! But try to slow things down a bit for your V-day date in this easy-going look! Opt for a cute sweater and matching purse and shoes. So after you’re done with your Valentine’s day plans you won’t miss a beat getting back into your busy daily grind!


If you picked mostly D’s 

You’re obsessed with everything sweet! So why not wear something as sweet as you are? Drape your self in a red velvet dress and a cute pair of heels! Don’t forget to paint your nails in a sugary colored coat! Maybe a light pink or go ultra luxe with some navy or purple! Then top the whole look off with an adorable bag and some shiny jewelry.


You picked a little bit of everything?

Your style is all over the place and that’s a good thing! Embrace all your different styles and go for something poppy and fun! Anything you pick is sure to be FIRE!

Happy Valentines day!

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