What Will Be Your Spring Color?

Warm up your Wardrobe

Every season has a trending palate of hues. The Pantone Color Institute releases its top 10 colors, and designers go wild making pieces to fit into your wardrobe. But you’re just one person, and getting a whole new spring wardrobe in ten different colors is way too much effort. (And cash!) Instead, why not pick one spring color that’s right for you? Take our quiz to find your perfect shade!

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What’s your ideal spring Saturday morning?

A. Brunch with the ladies on a newly opened patio

B. A walk through a botanical garden

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C. Catching up on your reading at an outdoor coffee shop

D. Hitting downtown with your camera to snap some artsy shots

What’s your go to spring accessory? 

A. Teardrop pearl earrings – they never go out of style

B. A gemstone pendant – you can’t get enough of the natural world

C. A sterling silver bracelet, emblazoned with your favorite quote

D. An edgy choker – you love that they’re finally back in style

Who’s your dream crush?

A. An up-and-coming campaign staffer

B. A rugged environmental activist

C. An introverted published writer

D. A motorcycle-riding rebel

What swimsuit will you be wearing this summer?

A. A classic bikini – nothing crazy, just always stylish!

B. A bold tropical print

C. A jazzed up one piece – conservative but fashion forward

D. Bikini or one piece, it doesn’t matter, as long as it’s got some unique cut outs or new silhouettes!



If you answered mostly A, your spring color should be Pink Yarrow! This shade is perfect for you because it appeals to your classic sensibilities without being boring. And, it’s perfect for your next party or date. We know how much you love to socialize!

What should your spring color be?; Pink Yarrow

Source: Fashionisers

If you answered mostly B, your spring color should be Greenery! We know you love natural, but why not brighten your earth tones up with this almost neon shade of green? It’ll make your spring wardrobe pop, whether you’re studying the environment in class or taking a walk in the woods.

What should your spring color be?; Greenery

Source: Fashionisers

If you answered mostly C, your color should be Niagara! This cool blue hue perfectly matches your serious nature. Pair it with lights and brights to show that you also have a playful side! Luckily, this color is one of the easiest to mix and match.

What should your spring color be?; Niagara

Source: Fashionisers

If you answered mostly D, your spring color should be Flame! We know you’re ready to set the world on fire, so why not show it with this burnt red-orange hue? You need a color that can stand up to your adventures and help you capitalize on your artistic side.

What Should Your spring color be?; Flame

Source: Fashionisers

Featured Image Source: Unsplash