Who’s Your ’90s Style Alter Ego?

Is it Rachel Green or Cher Horowitz?

From grunge to preppy to hip hop, the ‘90s were undoubtedly an exciting time for fashion. And now with ’90s staples, like plaid shirts, chokers and slip dresses, appearing everywhere from runways to the streets, the era is still allll the rage. You might be a ‘90s fashion fan, but which ’90s celebrity style icon are you really? From Rachel Green to Cher Horowitz, there are tons of fun options.

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Check out your style below to see which  star is your ’90s style alter ego.


1. Hilary Banks of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

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You favour classic clean lines and haute couture, and you definitely know your Louis Vuitton from Armani. People might label you “preppy” but you prefer the term “conservatively chic.”

Your statement look: a sleek blazer and a super fashionable hat.


2. Rachel Green of Friends

You like cute and flirty looks that are not overly fancy but not super casual, either. Adorable and affordable probably best describes your fashion sense, and you never look like you’re trying too hard.

Your statement look: a pair of short overalls and a cute cropped top.


3. Angela Chase from My So-Called-Life

You’re not really into drawing major attention to yourself, so you stick with lots of neutral tones, jeans, dark leggings, and plaid. Tons of plaid. And while you might not experiment much with wardrobe, you love playing with your hair, and have dyed it numerous times.

Your statement look: a cool plaid shirt and a pair of black skinnies — and Doc Martens.


4. Lisa Turtle from Saved By the Bell

You are obsessed with fashion, and you also love tons of color. Your style mantra is basically, the brighter the wardrobe, the better. Everything about your look is perfectly polished and if a hair’s out of place, you put that hair out of place on purpose.

Your statement look: An awesome printed dress that screams “I’ve arrived” with a pair of huge, geometric earrings.


5. Cher Horowitz from Clueless

A fashion diva, you also know your designers but you also just want to look cute, no matter what the label says. Your look is the perfect blend between a preppy and pretty with a dash of flirty fun.

Your statement look: a cute mini skirt paired with knee-high socks and Mary Janes.


6. Gwen Stefani

If you’re a little bit of punk mixed with pop, then you’re definitely Gwen from the height of her No Doubt career. You prefer midriff-baring tops (you loooove showing off your abs) and loose bottoms, which means everything from parachute pants to long maxi skirts.

Your statement look: Cute cropped tank with printed maxi skirt.


7. Jennifer Lopez

If you’re into body-hugging silhouettes, super coiffed hair, and a deep berry lip, then J.Lo from the ’90s is your go-to style icon. Your look is always glam, but subtle. A sultry subtle.

Your statement look: a form-fitting slip dress and a pair of chunky heels.


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