Celebrities Are Obsessed with Yellow Sunglasses This Season

And here’s how you can wear them

When something is in, it’s often in in a big way. This season, that thing is yellow sunglasses. All of our favorite celebrities are wearing them and we expect that obsession to last into summer.

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Kylie Jenner is a fan and we can steal some style tips from her, too. Kylie paired her glasses with a plain blue shirt, sleek hair, and simple makeup. The orange-y yellow of Kylie’s glasses is a complementary color to the blue of her sweatshirt, making the match absolutely perfect and appealing to the eye.


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If you want the look to make a bold fashion statement, try pairing it with a long dress like Bella Hadid. Her grey outfit really makes the yellow sunglasses pop.


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But, if you don’t want to go so bold with your yellow shades, take a cue from Kendall Jenner and go for a pair with distinct frames and a paler yellow lens. You’ll get to try out the trend without committing to something that makes a huge statement.

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BRB, buying some yellow shades right away.

Featured Image Source: MTV