You Can Now Wear Cinderella’s Glass Slipper IRL

Our Disney princess dreams have come true

It’s been our childhood dream to become a Disney princess, and it looks like that dream is finally closer to becoming true. A fashion brand named Irregular Choice is giving us all the chance to channel in our inner Cinderella and rock our very own fabulous pair of glass slippers with their Cinderella-inspired line of shoes. The collection has a total of 15 outstanding shoes that we are oh, so in love with which includes magnificently designed heels and flats.

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The collection of shoes is absolutely magical. One pair called the “Sparkling Slipper” literally looks like it was taken straight out of the iconic Disney movie. We can’t wait to get ourselves a pair and we’ll definitely make sure to be home before the clock strikes 12.


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Another one of our faves from the line is the “Call Me Cinders” shoe because it has an actual figurine of Cinderella inside the heel. We don’t think there could be any other shoe more perfect than this one. The “Home Before 12” shoe also has a Cinderella figurine inside the heel, but this shoe comes in a remarkable, rose gold color, and needless to say, we are so obsessed with it.


Irregular Choice didn’t forget about the other terrific characters in “Cinderella” including the evil step-sisters, Lucifer and Gus, and of course, the fantastic fairy godmother, who all have shoes inspired by them as well.


Especially with the holiday season coming up, we know exactly what will be at the top of our wish lists and we literally want every shoe in the collection. All we need now is some super handsome prince charming knocking on our door to see if the shoe fits!

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