You Need To Check Out These Chokers ASAP

these are must-haves

Chokers have been adorning every *cool girl* neck since the summer, and who could blame them? Chokers add instant charm and totally draws eyes to your killer outfit.

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The simple black velvet choker and leather tie chokers have had had plenty of time in the spotlight.

But now we have graduated as fashion lovers to a whole assortment of other amazing looking choker finds. Take a look!

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I am living with these bejeweled chokers! They honestly go with everything. Wear this princess-like choker over a distressed concert tee and some sneaks – you will be so street style worthy!

Also this oh-so festive red leather choker.

#dying over this adorbs white puff ball one.

Really digging this lacy take with this black choker!

Can we take a moment to look at the beautiful detailing on the back of this choker?

And this threesome pearl set!

What about this art deco-like choker…can you say Great Gatsby party?

Go for the gold in this shiny choker!