You Need to Get Your Hands on This Season’s Most Beautiful Bags

This Season's Must-Have Purses, Clutches and Bags

Winter is one of our favorite times to dress in comfy sweaters and chic boots, but it’s also the perfect time to showcase our latest accessories, i.e. bags. If you’re looking for a trendy new bag, you’ve got to check out these hottest clutches, purses and bags of this winter. 

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1. Crossbody Bags

The crossbody bag might just be the most convenient bag as it doesn’t get in your way nor get snatched easily while traveling. Their various shapes and sizes make it fun to mix and match with outfits, plus the help you minimize your load. 

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2. Boxy Handbags

We’re picking up some major 90’s vibes with these ones. Boxy handbags may not be malleable for casual, everyday use, but they look incredibly vintage and we love it!

3. Furry Bags

Faux fur has transcended from coats and shoes to purses! These furry friends of yours will store all of your daily accessories and definitely catch eyes wherever you are. 

4. Fanny Packs

Ever since the music festival boom, fanny packs have made quite the arrival. It looks like they’re not going anywhere either since fanny packs were spotted down this season’s fashion runway.

5. Mini Backpacks

These little bags have been a must-have for most of 2016 and they’re not going anywhere this season! While classic black (in vegan leather) is preferable, we love all kinds of fabrics like canvas, cotton or faux fur.

6. Drawstring Bags

Looks like these bad boys are here to stay! The dainty look has made its way from backpacks to single shoulder straps too! Perfect for a night out or special event with only a few of your must-have accessories inside.

7. Day to Night Envelope Clutches

If you’re not about carrying that huge bag or even moving the contents from a day to night bag, then these versatile clutches are perfect for you. 

8. Baguette Clutches

Baguette clutches are a vintage look that we are absolutely loving right now! They’re the perfect size so that they’re not too bulky but can carry just a touch more than the typical clutch. 

9. Metallic Handbags

There’s something incredibly wintery about metallics. Naturally, designers have incorporated this chic color into handbags and we couldn’t be more pleased!

10. Trapezoid Shaped Handbags

So long rectangle and goodbye oval! We’re looking at the hottest new shape as far as hand bags! Trapezoid shaped bags shake up the traditional look but still give a bit of structure to your bag.

11. Half Moon Hobo Bags

The newest and coolest shape pays homage to that bright light in the sky. Very sizable for your everyday accessories and then some! We’re feeling some serious 70’s nostalgia with these bohemian bags. 

12. Super Tiny Bags

It seems like the smaller the bag, the trendier the look! We don’t know how you can actually fit anything into these bad boys, but who are we to argue with the fashion gods?

13. Tassels and Fringe

Not totally new, but thank goodness they’re still in fashion (now I don’t have to throw away my suede fringe boho bag from Coachella!). This Western-inspired bag brings some much needed heat during this cold season.

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