What to Wear for Your First Internship

Dress to Impress

What to Wear for Your First Internship


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Your first internship is a huge step in terms of growing up and getting ready for the future. But before you can kill it in your quest to become the youngest CEO in history, you need to figure out what to wear to work. Here are our tips to dress to impress.

Get a Great Blazer 

A blazer might seem like the nemesis of cool clothing, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Your favorite stores make plenty of professional attire, and the designers are always working to make office clothes look stylish AF. Plus, once you’ve found your perfect blazer, you can pair it with tons of different outfits. This Gap Ponte Blazer ($84.99) is super versatile and looks super comfy!

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What to Wear for your first internship; gap blazer

Source: Gap


Work-Friendly Dresses 

Every office has a different culture, and it might take you a few weeks to figure out how professional or casual your setting is. In the meantime, there are a few ways you can’t go wrong: like the work-friendly dress. Luckily, mid length dresses that cover your shoulders don’t have to be boring! Try this charming LOFT Tipped Flare Dress ($89.50).

What to Wear for Your First Internship; loft dress

Source: LOFT


Rock the Collared Shirt 

One of the most fun parts of office fashion is stocking up your collection of collared shirts. This look can be dressed up or down, and you can go solid, stripes, or if your job is on the more relaxed side, with fun patterns. Until you know the drill, vertical stripes are always safe like this one from H&M ($24.99).


Innovative Skirts

You’ve got some leeway with skirts, because as long as they’re an appropriate length they’re generally accepted work attire, and there are lots of gorgeous design options. So let a little of your personality show with a skirt that suits your fancy! We love this Urban Outfitters Ecote Button-front Midi Skirt ($59,). Pair it with a white blouse for a great outfit.


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