Your Perfect Vacation Outfit

Out of Town, Into Style

Half the fun of a summer vacation is packing your suitcase with amazing outfits for all your adventures. Whatever your signature style is, we’ll help you plan the perfect items to take on your fabulous getaway.

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A Unique Beach Cover Up 

If your vacay includes beach time, you’ll need the perfect item to go over your swimsuit. Luckily, this season’s offerings have got you more than covered—why not try this Annie Overall Mini Dress ($79) from Urban Outfitters? It mixes the playful overall shape with a loose dress format, resulting in the perfect piece of beachwear.

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A Classic Skirt and Tee

If you’re headed to a classy metropolitan city for your summer vacation, you’ll need outfits that can work all day long, from lunch to the museum to going out at night. We love this Powder Pink Calf Length Skirt ($34.99) from H&M. Pair it with a simple tee for an effortlessly gorgeous look.


An Edgy Alternative 

Maybe this is your first vacation alone with your friends, in which case, it’s time to let your style reach new experimental heights! If you love unique colors, try this Velvet Off-the-Shoulder Top ($12.90) from Forever 21. Paired with a miniskirt or fun shorts, you’ve got yourself an outfit that’s so cute and will help you stand out in a new location.

Your Perfect Vacation Outfit; Forever 21 multicolored top

Source: Forever21


Professional Whimsy 

Maybe this is your first time in a cosmopolitan city like Paris or Barcelona. If you’re hitting up art galleries and upscale stores, you’ll want an outfit to go along with your stylish adventures. Try something like this Textured Tweed Frock Coat ($99) from Zara over a tropical print. You can look high class but keep that vacation style!

Your Perfect Vacation Outfit; zara jacket

Source: Zara


Featured Image Source: Unsplash