10 Celebrity Sibling Lookalikes

You'll be doing double takes

Another day another reason to be grateful the Internet exists. Somedays, we are grateful for unbelievable celebrity doppelgangers, others, we are grateful for amazing watch lists. Today, however, we are thankful for celebrity sibling lookalike round ups like this one.

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We didn’t even know some of these siblings existed, let alone the fact that they are almost carbon copies of their brothers/sisters. So, sit back, begin the procrastination, and enjoy these 10 celebrity siblings that are almost identical.

1. Shay and Sean Mitchell

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2. Victoria and Madison Justice 

3. Dakota and Elle Fanning 

4. Nick and Joe Jonas 

6. Demi Lovato and Madison De La Garza

7. Zac and Dylan Efron 


8. Vanessa Hudgens Stella Hudgens

9. Emma Watson and Alex Watson 

10. Miley Cyrus and Noah Cyrus 

Now, if you’d like to continue your procrastinating, check out this model that exactly like Zayn and Justin Bieber combined.

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