10 Cheap (But Amazing) Gift Ideas for Broke People

Inexpensive gifts for your friends and fam

You want to give your besties the best gift ever. You want to feel the love that comes with giving this holiday season. But your wallet says otherwise. Remember, the holidays are about giving, not spending cash! You may not have the money, but you have two commodities that are much more important: time and creativity. With these 10 cheap (but amazing) gift ideas, you can give the best gifts ever without breaking the bank.

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1. Make Your Own Ugly Sweater

Everyone loves an ugly sweater party. And now you can give the gift that keeps on giving every holiday season. Simply purchase (or knit if you’re feeling exuberant) an old sweater and add your own flair to it! Use old bows, felt, cotton balls, pipe cleaners, and even portable lights to make the most baller ugly sweater ever. Your friend will hate you (but secretly love you) forever.

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2. Bake Tasty Treats

If you love to make yummy treats, now you can spread the love to your friends and family. Stick to the holiday theme and stick with gingerbread, rosettes, challah or peppermint-flavored treats. And don’t forget to look to Pinterest for some adorable (and equally cheap) ways to wrap and present your treats.

3. Buy Gifts From Around the World

Thanks to sites like Grabr and Etsy, you can now get amazing presents from around the world for super cheap. Buy harem pants from Bali as pajamas. Get cute paper goods from Eastern Europe. Not only will these one-of-a-kind gifts leave a lasting impression with your loved ones, but will make you look like a world traveler!

4. Create Your Own Swag

Branded shirts are everything right now. But maybe you can say something better than a pre-made shirt. Or maybe, you want to keep an inside joke alive. Try making your own shirt with a computer program and at-home shirt-making kit or paint your own personalized mug.

5. Make Your Own Candles, Face Mask or Body Scrub

Girls, we could all use more spa days. But candles, face masks, scrubs and other beauty tools start to add up. Give the gift of relaxation to someone you know who desperately needs it! Create a coconut sugar body scrub or make your own candles in a mason jar! It’s incredibly easy to make and you don’t need to go farther than your local craft and grocery stores!

6. Craft Your Own Jewelry

Bangles and stacked jewelry may be in, but nothing is better than a handmade bracelet from your bestie. Take a look at some popular, yet minimal designs by brands like pura vida bracelets and Blaine Bowen jewelry. For even more holiday cheer, throw a jewelry making party! You’ll be able to save money on bulk orders and have a blast with your girls.

7. Donate Your Time

For your neighbors, parents or any adults you care about, donating your time can be the greatest gift of all! Whether you’re helping to clean, watching their kids or just enjoying their company, you will make their holiday season even better and you didn’t spend a dime.

8. Handmade Holiday Cards

One thing everyone loves to get is mail. Seriously, when was the last time you got a letter that wasn’t from your aunt? Give your friends an oldie but goodie and have a blast putting together some beautiful cards.

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