These Gift-Giving Videos Will Make You Ball Your Eyes Out

Tears of Joy, Of Course

If you’re anything like me, you’re crying 90 percent of your life. Anything from commercials to cute cat videos can make your eyes leak. Whether they are tears of joy, sadness, inspiration, or spoilers you didn’t mean to see, you can be caught puffy eyed and red nosed any time of the day.

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Since we’re in the midst of the season of giving, we decided to round up some of the most emotional gift-giving videos to date. Whether it’s the gift of light up sneakers or of a deployed loved one, every single one of these moments are priceless.

If there’s anything that these videos prove (other than the disputed fact that you do indeed have a soul) it’s that giving can be even better than receiving. Grab a box of tissues, because you will definitely be needed them after watching the videos on the list below:


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Christmas Pups

There are a million and one videos circulating the internet in which a person receives a pup for Christmas, but this one in particular pulls at our heartstrings and tear ducts. Note that the dog was freely walking around for a while before the boys noticed it.


Birthday Dream Come True

Tears come in all shapes and sizes… these ones will be of the laughter variety. Wait for it, because this father’s reaction to his birthday present is priceless.

The Big Box

Three young boys are about to open the biggest box they’ve ever seen. But they never could have guessed what they would find inside.


Stuff to Be Read

The gift of family can be the greatest gift of all. The comic relief sprinkled throughout this video is the only thing keeping us from curling into the fetal position and sobbing all day long.


A Doll Just Like Me

Many people can relate to that amazing feeling of opening your own look-a-like doll and gazing at the resemblance. This heartwarming video takes that happiness up a thousand notches as a young girl receives a doll with a very special similarity.


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