10 Reasons Why Failure Is Amazing

#1 It's proof you tried

Ah, failures! Like breakups, they’re painful AF. But the truth is, it’s something would should all try to embrace and love. Don’t believe me? Here are 10 reasons why failure is actually amazing:

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1. It’s proof you actually tried instead of sitting at home watching reruns of Gossip Girl and saying “What if?”

2. It’s a great excuse for a good movie and pizza in bed.

10 Reasons Why Failure Is a Amazing: Jennifer Lawrence

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3. Think of your life in peaks and valleys. After a valley, you’re bound to have a peak next. As JK Rowling says, “Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.”

10 Reasons Why Failure Is a Amazing: JK Rowling

4. It’s the perfect time to reassess your direction. Case in point: I became a writer after I was fired from my job as a ballet dancer for being too short. In that moment of failure, I decided to apply to film school.

5. Your probability of succeeding just skyrocketed. Every successful person has had failures because they’re brave enough to take risks. That’s now you!

10 Reasons Why Failure Is a Amazing: Tina Fey

6. It’s a great time to practice asking for help.

7. You’re now more interesting. Think of everyone you admire. It hasn’t been smooth sailing for them, has it? Just ask Oprah who was fired from her news reporting job, being told she was “unfit for television.”

10 Reasons Why Failure Is a Amazing: Tina Fey

8. The hardest moments are where you grow the most. Think of a hard situation you’ve been in and a happy carefree moment. Which one did you learn a lesson from?

9. After some time has passed, I’ll bet you have a great story up your sleeve. Might I suggest adding a comedic flourish to it for dinner parties?

10. You’re one step closer to your ultimate goal.

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