10 Reasons Why We Can’t Wait to See Chris Kendall in Chat. Like. Love.

1. He's quite possibly the funniest man on the Internet

Oh, Chris Kendall. You funny, funny man. If you’re not familiar with the British YouTuber, now’s your chance. He’ll be starring in AwesomenessTV‘s new series, Chat. Like. Love., this Spring, and to celebrate, we’re counting down the days with ten reasons why Chris is bae.

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1. He’s quite possibly the funniest man on the Internet 

Whether it’s his Instagram captions, his Internet animal impressions, or his scripted series, he cannot stop making us laugh. He’s like a sitcom come to life, only more sarcastic and witty. Seriously though, check out his YouTube channel if you don’t believe us.

Sweating back stage at @vidcon my British body is not ready for this heat 😪

A post shared by Chris Kendall (@crabstickz_69) on

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2. He’s sarcastic AF

And this just makes him funnier, even if he is taking a poke at American portion sizes…

American portion sizes are simply disgusting. I'm scared America. 💀🍔💀

A post shared by Chris Kendall (@crabstickz_69) on


3. He’s mastered the parody

Everyone loves a good parody, and Chris nails them every time. We highly recommend checking out his brilliant Sherlock piece, “Sherlocked.” HILARIOUS.

Really enjoying myself, having a great time, wish you were here, wish we were lovers.

A post shared by Chris Kendall (@crabstickz_69) on


4. He’s a Troye Sivan fan

Brilliant taste in music, mate. We can now officially be friends.

The finest creation in the cosmos.

A post shared by Chris Kendall (@crabstickz_69) on


5. He does the greatest impression of a fangirl…ever 

Okay, okay we’ve all been guilty of fangirling. It’s just a fact of life, which is what makes Chris’ Becca Hodgekins YouTube‘s Biggest Fangirl just down right hysterical. Check out the series here.

6. He’s nailed the perfect cappuccino gram 

Who doesn’t love a good poke at the basic betch? Well, Chris has mastered it, which leads us to #7…



7. He doesn’t take Instagram too seriously

And this kinda makes us love him all that much more. Chris, we’re like super glad you’re working on your aesthetic, bro. 😂


8. He loves burritos just as much as we do 

Don’t worry, Chris, burritos are our soulmates too.

At a YouTube party sitting by my self and wishing you (burrito) were here.

A post shared by Chris Kendall (@crabstickz_69) on


9. Also, he loves Game of Thrones just as much as we do 

We all have our binge face, but we like Chris’ most of all.

My catching up on GoT face.

A post shared by Chris Kendall (@crabstickz_69) on


10. The accent. We just had to mention the accent. 



Feature Image Source: AwesomenessTV