10 Shaving Hacks to Make Your Life So Much Easier

This exfoliant trick is magic

10 Shaving Hacks to Make Your Life So Much Easier


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Shaving is the worst. It’s boring and tedious and just when you’re glad you’ve gotten it over with, you have to do it all over again! If you have stubborn skin that’s easily irritated or hair that seems to grow overnight, shaving is nothing like those zippy, happy commercials where it’s somehow fun to shave. It’s more like this:

So, to ease the pain of the dreaded shave, here are 10 hacks to make your shower life SO much easier.

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1. Exfoliate before you shave

This is a must for an easy, breezy shaving experience. Exfoliating your legs before you shave will bring the hairs to the surface which will eliminate the possibility of ingrown hairs. Plus, by lifting the hair to the surface, you’ll ensure a close shave, which will make it last longer. Simply mix some olive oil and sugar together for your exfoliant or try this fancy homemade scrub. It’s a fun little DIY, plus both will save you some money.

2. For a closer shave, use coconut oil

If you’re someone who uses soap to shave your legs, it’s time for a major upgrade. Try shaving with the glorious coconut oil. Using 2017’s favorite beauty product will give you a closer shave, making your shaves last longer and leaving your skin hydrated.

3. Don’t leave your razor in the shower

The humidity and heat in your shower will dull the blades of your razor, leaving you with a rusty ole thing that will cause anything but a clean, non-irritating close shave. Dry your razor off after every use and store it somewhere else in your bathroom.

4. Clean your razor with baby oil

It’s very important to make sure you’re changing out your razor frequently (about every 5 shaves). To prolong the life of your razor, however, it’s crucial to clean it. Baby oil or melted down coconut oil works wonders for this, unclogging the blades of any dirt, shaving cream, or leftover hair. The cleaning process elongates the life or your razor, saving you time and money!

5. Get rid of shaving bumps with this remedy 

Have irritated, bumpy skin or razor burn after shaving? Use this homemade remedy of 1 part milk and 1 part water to instantly soothe your skin. Dip a washcloth into your natural concoction and rub it over any irritated areas. Yogurt also works well for this!

6. Stop those nicks from bleeding

I cut myself almost everytime I shave. Placing a bit of toilet paper over the knick just doesn’t cut it; I seem to get blood everywhere. A better way to stop the bleeding is to use chapstick or Vaseline on your cut. It will seal it up right away.

7. Use a men’s razor

The cold hard truth is that men’s razors are just better. Because they’re made to battle tough, coarse facial hair, they seem to get the job done on all our body parts much better. Plus, you don’t have to get a cute light pink razor if that’s not your thing. Aim to get one with at least five blades.

8. Shave at the end of your shower

Always shave at the end of a shower. While you’re lip-syncing and scrubbing away, your pores are opening up and your hair follicles are softening. This way, you’ll get a closer shave and avoid any cuts.

9. Get the smoothest legs ever

While this one won’t exactly make your routine faster, who doesn’t want the softest legs ever? People swear by the shave, exfoliate, and then shave again method for the smoothest legs you’ve ever felt. Use the exfoliant from above for this smooth leg hack.

10. Don’t use soap!

Don’t do it! It’s better than dry shaving, that’s for sure, but soap is extremely drying for your skin, so it’s much better to use shaving cream, hair conditioner, or coconut oil to shave. Soap is best used as a last resort.

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