10 Things I Wish I Knew Going Into High School

Advice to my younger self

When I was in high school, there were so many things I didn’t know. How do I make friends? How do I get away with texting in class? How do I keep up with AP classes? Now that I’m out of high school, here are ten tips I wish I had known from the start.

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1. Who cares what people think?

It may seem like everyone is paying attention to what you’re doing, but they’re too into themselves to care. Stay focused on your goals instead of caring about anyone else!

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2. The Mean Girls

We’ve all dealt with them. How do you avoid them? Find friends who are like you – don’t waste your time on girls that are using you instead of admiring the type of friend you are. Surround yourself with people that make you feel good.

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3. Take time for yourself

It’s totally OK to spend a Friday night with Ben & Jerry’s and Netflix- two very worthy best friends. You don’t always need to be surrounded by people to be happy. If you love to write, pick one night per week to write. If you love to cook, spend a night baking in your pajamas. Everyone needs “me” time.

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4. Talk to your parents

No one wants to talk to their parents about anything (gooodbyeee Dad) but sometimes, getting advice from your parents can be helpful. High school is really stressful, and since your parents have been through it all, don’t be embarrassed to talk to them.


5. Think about college early on

College prep doesn’t usually begin until junior year, but there’s no harm in starting early. Having clear goals makes being successful in the long run much easier. Plus, you have extra time to work on your college essay if you start planning early on.


6. Boys still have cooties

And they aren’t going away anytime soon! It might feel like you are maturing faster than the boys in your class, so don’t be offended if your crush isn’t instantly in love with you. He probably needs a few more years to realize what love is.

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7. Enjoy high school

The minute junior year comes, you’re going to feel overwhelmed with papers, essays, activities, AND still having a life. Freshman and sophomore year are some of the best – enjoy them while they last.

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8.  Moving on is fine

Once you leave high school, it’s easy to lose contact with certain people. Instead of getting upset or sad, spend your time meeting new people who have similar goals. High school is a totally different world than what comes after school, and everyone may go in different directions, but that’s normal.


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9. Every “A” gets you closer

It can be easy to try and be “cool” by not doing your homework or studying the material. Especially if there’s a cute boy you know that can totally tutor you after class. Boys like smart girls, and colleges do, too. Don’t not try on purpose.

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10. YOLO

You only live once (cliche, but true). Live it up. Stay out late on a Friday night. Eat all of the cookies. Experiment with style! Most of all, just have fun and stay true to who you are.