10 Ways To Be a Total Boss

Slay for days

What’s wrong with being confident? As Demi Lovato, Beyonce, Hillary Clinton, plus countless other #girlbosses prove: absolutely nothing.

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Like the aforementioned women, we are surrounded by bold, successful and innovating women who are redefining what it means to be a leader. It’s inspirational AF. If you’re a motivated person who’s ready to shoot for the stars and take charge of your dreams, then read on for 10 useful ways for you to be the boss you’ve always wanted to be (because we all want to be Beyonce,right?).


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1.  Be You

There are a ton of copycats and followers out there, so be the exception — BE YOU. You have many awesome gifts and talents that are uniquely yours. Explore and embrace them. And never ever think you need to change who you are for someone else. The world needs someone like you. Believe it.


2. Do You

Big dreams often mean making some small sacrifices. This could mean staying in on a Friday night to finish a project, while your squad hits the town. It might sting a bit, but in the long run, it will be worth it. Keep focused and believe in what you have to offer to the world.


3. Up and At ‘Em

Wanna be a boss? Then quit sleeping in! Set your alarm early Monday through Friday, and be outta bed before 10 a.m. on the weekends. Mornings are the perf time to get your day prepared and organized. Plus, sleeping in makes you feel groggy, and you need to feel your best if you’re gonna tackle the universe.


4.  Look Like a Boss

Feeling your best often means looking your best — whatever that means to you. Maybe it means rocking a swipe of mascara and bronzer, or wearing your fave pair of skinnies. Feeling our best appearance-wise often helps us feel and act more confident in other areas.


5. Exercise and Eat Well

Taking care of yourself physically means you’ll be prepared mentally and emotionally for whatever comes your way. Try to work out at least three times a week, and eat clean for the majority of your meals while also drinking plenty of water. You’ll feel great — from the inside out.


6. Set Small Goals

Dream big, but set small steps to help you on your way. Want a better GPA? Set a goal to study an extra 15 minutes a night. Wanna rock the track meet? Run a little further each day. Setting small goals not only instills confidence, but also shows you real results, which will help push you to your bigger goal.


7. Fake It Till You Make It

Sometimes you won’t know what you’re doing — and that’s totally okay. There’s always a learning curve to be had, but that doesn’t mean you don’t belong or won’t ever succeed. Simply act with confidence and believe you will figure it out, and chances are — you’ll do exactly that. So strut into your new job like you’ve been there for months. You’ve got this.


8. Think Positively

Choosing to focus on positive outcomes often brings out newfound confidence. Remember this when you’re worried that you aren’t “good enough” for that big internship or scared what people think of your blog writing. Picturing the best case scenario will allow you to take action — plus it’ll make you feel really good too!


9. Finish What You Start

Procrastination is a big dream killer. So is negativity (see above) and laziness. Following through with a project demonstrates integrity, determination and strength. Don’t quit when the going gets tough. Push through it. The feeling you have when you finish something is soooo worth it.


10. Take a Rest

Yes, even bosses need to take a break. The secret to success isn’t burnout, but balance. Recharging your batteries, whether it’s dedicating a day to Netflix bingeing or turning off your phone for a weekend, is important for staying calm and centered.