10 YouTube Stars We’re Totally Crushing On Right Now

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There are so many YouTubers whose incredible content we can spend hours upon hours binge-watching. We always get so excited when we get a notification saying that they posted a new video on their channel. In addition to being awesome YouTube sensations, these YouTube stars also happen to be some great eye-candy that we can’t help but gush over.

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Here are 10 YouTubers that we’re totally crushing on right now!

1. Cameron Dallas

It goes without saying that Cameron Dallas is literally everyone’s #MCM. He’s a total hottie and he brings out some of the most entertaining YouTube videos that we all enjoy watching. He has also been focusing greatly on his modeling career, and let’s just say, he’s definitely taking over the modeling world by storm!

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Seventeen Mag. 😛🤘🏽

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2. Alex Aiono

We have so many heart-eye emojis for Alex Aiono every time we listen to his extraordinary covers and original music he shares on his YouTube channel. He’s one of the most talented people we know. Plus, his smile makes us swoon each and every time we see it.

Grunge? Lol

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3. Kian Lawley

Kian Lawley has been our OG YouTube crush since day 1. He has so much fun with life and we can see that in all of his YouTube videos. Aside from being a magnificent YouTube star, Kian Lawley is also killing it as an actor. He has been a part of a lot of excellent projects including Before I Fall.

merry christmas!! spread some positivity today 🎄

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4. Jc Caylen

We have so much love for Jc Caylen! He has such an outgoing, spontaneous, and lively persona and we’re always so excited to join him on his fun adventures in all of his YouTube videos. C’mon, just look at that face! How could you not love Jc?!

people are gonna be like ur hair looks the same but I feel 5 pounds lighter

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5. Hunter March

From hosting AwesomenessTV’s Daily Report to red carpet events, Hunter March is definitely the host with the most! He’s an outstanding YouTuber and a terrific author of his own book, TBH: 51 True Story Collabs and he is someone we’re totally crushing on right now.

Does my dog look homeless? Yes. Yes he does. Photo by @dlnmrch

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6. Josh Levi

Josh Levi is definitely someone we’re crushing hard for. He’s a multi-talented musician and he’s also a great actor (#TBT to watching him in AwesomenessTV’s Royal Crush). We love Josh Levi for so many reasons – he’s also super fashionable and he’s a positive influence to all of his fans with all of his motivating posts on both Instagram and Twitter.


7. Nash Grier

Our hearts beat a whole lot faster whenever we see heart-throb Nash Grier. Just look at those eyes – we can get lost in all that beauty!


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8. Matthew Espinosa

Matthew Espinosa is our #bae everyday. We can never get enough of watching all of his content and he’s been taking over the entertainment world with all of his exciting projects – from a movie, to a new book, and now, an upcoming tour. He’s so dreamy!


9. Logan Paul

Logan Paul is seriously one of our favorite people on this planet. His phenomenal energy and his excellent charm are just some of the many things that we adore about him. He’s definitely the life of the party and someone we are swooning over all day, every day.


10. Aaron Carpenter

We can’t even put into words how much we love the one and only, Aaron Carpenter. Aside from sharing some super cool videos, Aaron Carpenter is also known for being a remarkable musician and we listen to his music on constant repeat. We’re head over heels for Aaron!


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