15 Times Selena’s SECOND Insta Gave Us Life

Bow down to Queen Gomez

If you’re not already following Selena’s @revivaltour account (and 103 million of you Selena Insta fans aren’t!), drop everything and go hit that follow button. It’s an intimate and beautifully curated look behind the scenes of her #revivaltour–the ultimate backstage pass we’ve been dreaming of. From breathtaking exclusive photos to makeup tutorials, here are fifteen moments this account had us living:

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1. When she used the account to debut her new lewk.



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2. When she showed off her dancers’ freestyle skills.


3. When she made us lust after this #RevivalTour bomber jacket.


4. When she shared this heartfelt moment dedicated to the late Christina Grimmie. 


5. When she spilled her makeup tips.


6. When we got to have a family dinner with her.


7. When she let us in on her pre-show workout.


8. When she somehow totally slayed boxing shorts.


9. When she reminded us that she’s actually not a singer but a mythical creature.


10. When she made us seriously consider investing in a fog machine and red fur coat.


11. When she channeled Kiss in her hometown of Dallas.


12. When she lead us in a backstage prayer.


13. When she gave us major nail envy.


14. When she showed LA some love.


15. When she gave us everything she had.