17 Things You Should Know About French Fries

They're classified as a "Fresh Vegetable"

17 Things You Should Know About French Fries


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Oh, glorious French fries! They’re what any best friend should be: a little bit salty at times, but always, deep down, warm on the inside. We celebrated National Fench Fry Day with 17 things you absolutely must know about fries (if you’re a true fry lover like us, that is).

1. The USDA officially classifies frozen fries as a “Fresh Vegetable.” So go ahead, eat your veggies.

2. French fries were created in Belguim. The locals would frequently eat small fried fish, but when the river froze, they used fried potatoes cut lengthwise instead. God bless you, Belguim.

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3. There’s an actual French fry museum in Belgium. What a way to see the world!

3. McDonald’s has quite the monopoly on the fry business. They use 7% of all the potatoes grown in the US and sell 1/3 of all fries from restaurants.

4. Ed Sheeran looks GREAT eating them.

5. He also invented a new way to enjoy them.

6. Like you, fries are beautiful in every shape and size.

7. Recently in Japan and South Korea, Potato Parties have become a fad, where you literally just eat a bunch of fries in one sitting. #LifeGoals.

8. They make great nail art.

9. The Guinness World Record for the largest serving of fries was set at Adventure Island and weighed 987 lbs, 10 oz.

10. They really are a piece of the feminist movement.

11. We have Thomas Jefferson to thank for fries in America. He was rumored to have first served them in the U.S. at a diplomat dinner he hosted.

12. In England, thick cut fries are called “chips.”

13. Canada’s spin on fries is called “Poutine.” Basically, it’s fries slathered in gravy and topped with cheese curds.


14. There is such a thing as Cowgirl Fries and we NEED them:

Green chile cheese fries #chilecheesefries #greenchile #cowgirlhalloffame

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15. Of course, one of the most iconic movie lines involves fries:

16. It’s like a world known fact that fries you steal from friends don’t have calories.

17. And last but not least .. National French Fry Day was on July 13th! Just in case you missed it:

Happy National French Fries Day