20 Disney Screencaps that Are Actually Beautiful

In case you need a new wallpaper

How many times have you watched a Disney movie? Probably countless. You’ve fallen in love with the characters, sang-along to every song, and memorized the dialogue. But how many times have you actually seen them? Because more than being entertaining, Disney movies are actually beautiful to look at, and if you pause at the right time, could even double as art. See 20 examples here:

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1.  Aladdin

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2. Alice in Wonderland


3. Beauty and the Beast


4. Cinderella


5. Dumbo


6. The Emperor’s New Groove


7. Frozen


8. Hercules


9. The Hunchback of Notre Dame


10. The Lion King


11. The Little Mermaid


12. Mulan


13. Peter Pan


14. Pinocchio


15. Pocahontas


16. The Princess and the Frog


17. Sleeping Beauty


18. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


19. Tangled


20. Tarzan


Source of featured image: Youtube