20 Steps to Ace Studying for Finals

A very not helpful at all but honest guide

1. Sit down to your newly organized desk with the perfectly steeped cup of tea.

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2. Open your notes. Feel sharp/overwhelming/probably lethal pain of panic.

20 Steps to Ace Study For Finals

3. Ferociously email everyone in your class except Hot Forgot His Name Guy because he doesn’t know the difference between you and you’re and plus, you forgot his name. Desperately beg for notes for the four days you missed (Yes, you did need to take those personal days to rewatch all 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls in preparation for A Year in the Life, OKAY?!)

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4. Spend 30 minutes looking for your lucky pen. Find it.

5. Decide you’ve emotionally been through a lot today, and it’s time for a healthy power snack.

6. Drive to Chipotle.

20 Steps to Ace Study For Finals

7. Wonder why the Chipotle cashier is looking at you funny. It’s totally normal to order a steak burrito with extra guac, chips, and two tacos. If I were male, you wouldn’t even question it, TODD.

8. Get back in the car. Realize Todd was looking at you funny because you have lucky pen ink all over your face.

9. Die inside. Regret thinking Todd was sexist.

10. Drive home while thinking about that episode of Friends where Rachel gets pen all over her mouth.

11. Watch the episode where Rachel gets pen all over her mouth while eating. Note how cute the blazer she’s wearing is.

20 Steps to Ace Study For Finals

12. Okay. Back to the desk. Research time.

13. Google “What year was the Bay of Pigs?”

14. An ad for Rachel’s cute blazer from that episode where she gets pen all over her mouth pops up. HOW DO THEY DO IT!?


15. Willpower. Ignore it.

16. Browse Bay of Pigs Google results. Accidently click “cute baby pigs.”


17. 45 minutes later, lost deep in a cute baby pig click hole.

18. Aly texts you and asks if you’re hungry and want to go to Chipotle.

19. Tell her you’ll be ready in 5.

20. In bed, watching Friends. Promise yourself you’ll get up very very early tomorrow. Maybe even hit the gym before you start….. OH! LYRIC! That’s Hot Forgot His Name Guy’s name. Ew.

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