5 Holiday Movies We Can’t Wait to Rewatch

Tis' the Season for Staying In

Everyone has their favorite classic that they rewatch each year. No matter how many times you’ve seen it, it’s just as special. But you’re going to need more than one to get you through the long winter. Check out our list and if there’s any you haven’t seen, pop it in the DVD player. It might even become your new must-watch movie of the season. Bring on the laughs and tears.

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The Holiday

Admit it. You googled “house swap” immediately after watching this heartwarming rom-com. The Surrey landscape in the winter is breathtaking. You’ve got the girl (Cameron Diaz) who is reluctant to love and the girl (Kate Winslet) dealing with unrequited love. And you can connect with both of them. Jack Black and Jude Law play the lovable men. There’s also the cute friendship that forms between Winslet and the old man down the street.

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“SANTA! OH MY GOD!” This is easily one of the most quotable Christmas movies of our generation, no matter what time of year. There’s also pre-500 Days of Summer Zooey Deschanel as a blonde. This is a movie that does not fail to generate tons of joy for the season. 


The Family Stone

This complex family drama will warm your heart and make you feel grateful for your own family. It will put you in a frame of mind to deal with difficult personalities with a smile on your face, because you love them, after all. A handful of big name actors take the screen, including Claire Danes, Rachel McAdams, Diane Keaton, Dermot Mulroney, Sarah Jessica Parker, Luke Wilson and Craig T. Nelson. That’s really all you need to know to want to watch it now.

Any “The Office” Christmas Episode

This one isn’t a movie but The Office Christmas episodes are the highlight of every season. Watch a marathon of all seven (there’s not one for season 1 or 4) in lieu of a holiday movie.

Home Alone

The original Home Alone is Christmas classic. Macaulay Culkin plays a little boy who is accidentally left behind when his family flies to Paris for Christmas. He successfully sets numerous booby traps to deter burglars Harry and Marv from robbing the house. The ending is a happy one and the family is reunited. The comedic and action-filled scenes are super entertaining to watch as Culkin’s character battles the bad guys.


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