5 Signs You Should Break Up With Bae

Because flying solo is better than "meh"

5 Signs You Should Break Up With Bae


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Being coupled up means tons of LOLs, hand holding, kisses, and good vibes. Although relationships do require some work, sometimes it’s hard to know the difference between a rough patch or when to call it quits.

If you’re feeling like it’s time to wave the white flag on your relationship but aren’t sure if it’s time to throw in the towel just yet, here are x red flags to watch out for. Because you should never EVER settle.


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1. Kissing Bae Grosses You Out Now

It’s normal to be all lovey dovey at the beginning of your relationship and then kinda mellow out later on. But if the thought of kissing bae now repulses you and even the thought of him hugging you makes your skin crawl, then that’s a tell-tale sign you’ve already checked out.


2. Bae is Always in a Bad Mood

Nobody’s perfect, meaning everyone has their ups and downs, and sometimes we need to weather the storm with our sweeties and be their support system when the going gets rough. Howeverrr, if bae drags you down more than lifts you up, makes you feel bad about yourself on the reg and generally drains your energy due to their toxicity, it’s time to head to splitsville. Being single is way better than THAT. (And, P.S., if they’re abusive — meaning they constantly degrade and disrespect you — then leave ASAP and seek support).


3. Your Relationship’s Just Not Fun

Your relationship won’t always be filled with awesome date nights and exciting road trips, but it should be filled with LOLs, good vibes and a shared sense of joy — even if you’re just chilling on the couch. Spending time with bae should be stress-free and pleasurable. If you’re in a constant state of anxiety, dread the time you spend together and/or you fight constantly, then you should be flying solo.


4. You’re Worried Bae Will Cheat (Or You Might!)

Feeling insecure about bae’s faithfulness — maybe they’ve cheated before or maybe you’ve heard some rumors about his infidelity — is no bueno. You shouldn’t have to worry if bae is where he says he is or wonder about the close friendship he’s recently struck up with his lab partner. A solid relationship is one in which you feel confident about your connection and is built on 100% trust. And if you’re the one with the wandering eye? Then maybe it’s time to pull the plug and play the field.


5. You Don’t Spend A Lot of Time With Bae

It’s super healthy and normal to have some space and boundaries within your relationship. For example, you have your squad nights and he hangs with his bros after football practice. But if bae is constantly choosing to spend time with his friends/family or even doing his own thing rather than having a date night with you, that’s an issue. At the same time, if you’re finding yourself choosing your BFF over bae, then that’s a sign you might want your freedom.


Though breaking up is hard to do, it’s also super brave and sometimes very necessary. Though the above signs aren’t set in stone, they are helpful in determining whether bae is best for you. Ending a “meh” relationship to find some quality “me” time and the right person is empowering and soooo worth it. In the end, trust your gut.