5 Simple and Healthy Routines That May Change Your Life

We are what we repeatedly do

We all want to be better versions of ourselves, but sometimes it’s easier said than done.  Often, we get stuck in our own habits without even realizing why we do certain things.  If we commit to swapping out basic routines for healthier patterns, we’ll reap the benefits with little effort. #Winning

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Here are some simple suggestions for improving day-to-day schedules. Sometimes it’s the little things that go a long way!

#1 Practice self-love (mental health)

When your mental health aligns, so does everything else. Before immediately checking your phone in the morning, while showering or while making your breakfast, practice a positive mantra. Think of three things you love most about yourself, remind yourself of at least two things you are thankful for and set a goal for the day. Do this every day and you will be surprised of how self-aware you become!

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#2 Research a fun activity (friendship)

Not much is better than laughing with your friends… really laughing, like belly hurts laughing.  We all need relationships and community. The best way to build friendships is by being a friend. Set aside a few hours a week to plan a fun activity with a friend.  Go grocery shopping and cook a new recipe, go hiking or plan a pajama movie night with healthy snacks and funny games.

#3 Start your morning with lemon water (digestion)

Delay your morning coffee (*caramel macchiato with whip) and add lemon water to your routine.  Keep a few fresh lemons on hand and squeeze half a lemon into room temperature or warm water. Warm water is said to better aid digestion.  Not only are lemons packed with vitamins, but a glass of warm lemon water will awaken your senses, naturally boost your immune system and add a nice glow to your complexion.

#4 Walk (fitness)

Finding time to stay active isn’t always a priority, but it should be.  Our bodies need exercise to stay healthy AND it’s good mentally, too. The easiest way to add movement into your day is by walking (Duh!). It may sound silly, but make an effort to take the stairs instead of the elevator and walk around while you’re returning text messages and phone calls. Every step counts!

#5 Snack (nutrition)

By the late afternoon, a snack always sounds delicious… and a bag of chips isn’t the healthiest option. Try getting creative in the kitchen with fresh ingredients to make a snack a day that is fulfilling and nutritious. Try a colorful fruit bowl, chopped veggies and hummus or thin apple slices with almond butter and dark chocolate chips. (Preparing a snack at night for the next day is always a good idea.) A well rounded diet is key to feeling good!

… Show yourself some love! We become what we repeatedly do, so do healthy, positive and epic things.