5 Songs That Will Lift You Up

They're inspiring

It’s amazing to see the kind of power that music has in our lives. Music can make our day a whole lot better, it can help relax us, and it can also give us the energy that we need to kickstart our day.

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If you’re looking for some inspiring songs to listen to, we have you covered. Here are five songs that will totally lift you up!

1. Alessia Cara‘s “Scars To Your Beautiful”

Not only is Alessia Cara an incredibly talented musician, but she’s also known for being one outstanding role model to all of her fans. We love how her music always has a brilliant message, just like her hit song, “Scars To Your Beautiful.” This heart-warming song is all about self acceptance and how everyone is beautiful in their own way. It’s a wonderful song that inspires everyone to love who they are.

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2. Hailee Steinfeld‘s “Most Girls”

Haiz’s latest song she just recently released titled, “Most Girls”, brings about a whole lot of girl power. It shows that “no two [girls] are the same” and that’s what makes us all oh, so special. This song highlights the strength that us ladies have and how we are unstoppable when we join together and support one another. It’s definitely a song we love to jam out to!


3. Bree Taylor’s “Perfect”

Bree Taylor’s latest song is absolutely “Perfect.” Her song emphasizes the idea that imperfections makes a person unique. Bree Taylor shows that we should never give up on our dreams because we are all perfect. We love how empowering this song is!


4. Ricky Dillon‘s “Ignite”

In addition to being one fantastic YouTuber that we absolutely adore, Ricky Dillon is also a remarkable singer as well. We are obsessed with all of his songs, but one of our faves definitely has to be his original song, “Ignite.” It’s such an uplifting song that makes us feel like we can accomplish anything we set our minds to. This song brings out a great message that when you have a dream, nothing can stop you from achieving it.


5. Todrick Hall‘s “Proud”

We’re so happy for Todrick Hall and all of his amazing and well-deserved successes. One song that can always put a big smile on our face is Todrick’s song, “Proud.” It’s a song that we can relate to about wanting to make someone proud – whether it’s family members, friends, or anyone you know. It has such an upbeat, happy vibe to it and it shows the importance of working hard and not letting what anyone says get in the way of your dreams.


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