5 Tips for Finally Getting Organized

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Being organized can be tough. I think the default human instinct is “to drop things wherever,” something we’ve been fighting against since the early days of humanity. Some people can take it too far and sacrifice their happiness for neatness. But these five easy tips for getting organized can save you trouble in the future and are so satisfying.

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1. Get a Bullet Journal

Bullet journals are really cool. They’re, well, journals, but bullet journals are a little more structured, with symbol keys and instructions for how to build different kinds of logs. You really can just use it however you want, incorporating certain elements and ignoring others in order to build your own memorable analog organization tool.

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2. Spread Things Out

Spreading work out isn’t always possible. But on the whole, not waiting until the last moment to do everything for school or work is helpful. Doing everything at once, even early, is equally stressful. Piece tasks out. If something is due by Friday, split it into thirds. Do a bit on Monday, a bit on Wednesday, and finish it off on Friday. As I mentioned, some to-do list items may be quick enough that this practice would feel a little strange, but applying it to overwhelming, bigger projects can make them feel easier.

3. Sort Like Things

If you want to literally and physically get your stuff together, there’s really only one thing I can personally recommend, besides just cleaning stuff up. Sorting like things together helps organize your area so you can quickly find the things you need. This practice applies to drawers in your dresser, clothes in your closet, and bathroom items. This practice can be modified for books, too. Sorting them alphabetically makes the most sense there.

4. Treat Yo Self

I would never include a tip as basic as “set goals,” but this tip is basically “set goals”. If you say you need to get something done by a certain time, get it done by then. Then treat yo self. Rewarding yourself, even in small ways, can incentivize good behavior and encourage you to keep at it.

5. Set a Bedtime

Setting a bedtime and wake-up time allows you to better plan your schedule. When you’re well-rested, you have more energy and can get things done in a more effective manner. It really makes a difference.


What are your favorite organization tips? Let us know in the comments below!