5 Tips For Your First Solo Travel Adventure


Whether you’re hiking in the wilderness, sunning in the Caribbean, or riding the Tube in London, doing some research before you go on your first solo travel adventure will help you achieve maximum bliss with minimum stress.

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1. Get Planning

Gotta do your homework first. This means reading up on the local customs, figuring out how to get around, what the local customs are (tipping is frowned upon in many countries!), and where to go in case of emergency. Don’t forget to look up where the best selfie backdrops are, too. 

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2. Be a Practical Packer

Your happy vacation vibes are enough to make you a glowing babe, so you don’t need to pack too many outfit “options.” Since you’re adventuring by yourself, you’ll have to lug all of your own gear. So pack light. If you really NEED the extra dress, try packing cubes to maximize space in your luggage.


3. Apps Are Your Friend

Snap, FaceTime, get the bus schedule, translate, and check in with home: there’s an app for that. You’d be surprised at all the countries and cities you’ll find on Yelp! 

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4. Stay at Hostels with Other Solo Travelers

Most people staying at hostels are also traveling solo, so staying at a hostel is definitely something you should look into.  Plus, the hostel staff usually has tons of tips for where to go out and insider info on locals-only spots.

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5. Hang out with Locals

You’re traveling to experience different cultures, right? Well, one of the best tips for any solo adventurer is to spend time with locals and see how our fellow humans are living on the other side of the planet. It’s those moments of genuine human connection 10,000 miles away from home that make solo travel adventures worth it.

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