5 Tips To Help You Pass Those Final Exams

Tip #1: Stay Awake

If you are currently procrastinating and not currently studying, then welcome, this is your productive procrastination where you can learn a few tips to help you focus and ace those tests.

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Tip #1:  Stay Awake.

Do you want to cut your study time in half? Stay AWAKE and actually try to pay attention in class. If you understand the concepts in class now you won’t have to try and figure everything out later. Try to get as much rest as you can at night so that you will be alert and ready to take on the day.

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Tip #2: Eat.

Eat, eat like there is no tomorrow…Kidding, but do eat all the brain food you can. Your brain needs fuel to focus so fill up with foods that are full of protein and vitamins. These types of foods won’t take the test for you, but they will keep your brain game extra strong. Also, mint gum is suppose to help you stay alert so make sure you grab a pack or two.

Tip #3: No excuses. Make a date with yourself. 

Put your procrastination on hold, carve out at least an hour a day of your time to study and don’t even call it studying, just think of it as hanging out with yourself to catch up on things you learned in class. This will help you retain the information and you will just have to review the day before your final.

Tip #4: A date with other people… 

We’re talking study dates with your study squad. Seeing different perspectives of what you all learned together and the repetition that comes out of these study dates will give your brain major “I got this!” vibes.

Tip #5: Breath. You got this. 

Take some time to just relax and stay confident. Listen to some Beyonce music, exercise, maybe come out of your cave and watch a movie, or just hang out with your squad. Your brain needs some freedom and this will actually help you on the day of your test.

Try your best to stay positive, trust yourself, and stay awesome. Now go back to studying, like for real this time. Best of luck, you got this!