5 Unique Questions to Ask On a First Date

"Instagram or Netflix?"

First dates are awesome and exciting, but also notoriously awk. As much as you’re psyched to spend time with your potential new bae, there are often uncomfortable silences and moments of, “Umm, what do we talk about now?” Asking fun and unique questions not only keeps the convo flowing, but allows you the opportunity to get to know your date in a deeper way than the usual, “What’s your fave TV show?”

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Below are five unique questions to ask on your next date that will cause your date to pause and think, “Wow. That’s an awesome question!”


1. “See this scar? I got this at summer camp, diving off a cliff into a lake, backwards. Do you have any scars or stories like that?”

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Wrapping an interesting question into a personal story makes for an amazing convo. You’re sharing something interesting about yourself — which will both put your date at ease and impress them — and you’re also getting to know them in a way that extends beyond pizza and a movie.


2. “This pizza (coffee, dessert) reminds me of Italy (or any other country). I really want to go to Rome. Where would you love to travel to one day?”

This kind of fun question can take you anywhere in the world, basically. Not only does it reveal any future goals of your date, but it can also lead to conversations about past trips you might have taken and what kind of experiences you both had. Plus chatting about globe-trotting is super romantic.


3. “OMG! I’m such a horrible dancer. What do you stink at?”

Take note: this isn’t meant to point out neither of your flaws. Instead, this is an opportunity for both of you to make fun of yourselves and laugh at your awkwardness. Poking fun at yourself is always a super easy way to break the ice, and not to mention, it’s also an ultra attractive quality.


4. “If you could take anyone in your family to the basketball game (baseball game, concert), who would it be?”

It’s important to know about your date’s family, but you don’t want to get tooooo personal on a first date. You never know if someone has an awk relationship with a parent or sibling. But this is a pretty safe question to ask, which gives you an idea on how your date feels about their family and who they’re most close to.


5. “What would you rather give up? Instagram or Netflix?”

This question helps reveal how your date spends their free time without asking the basic question, “What do you do in your spare time?” It’s also a good convo starter. If they say Insty, you can discuss which accounts they follow and which ones you have in common. Same goes for Netflix. You can debate over whether Riverdale is radder than Stranger Things, while also suggesting new shows to watch. Maybe even together?


Remember: the whole point of dating is getting to know someone better and have fun! Hopefully these questions will lead you to date #2!